09 September, 2011

# 22 << House of Europe >>

Gown:  House of Europe  HOE - Diana (will be released on the 10th September)

Bag:  *COCO* Satin Clutch Rose-Gray 

Necklace/Earrings:  JCNY Divinica Collection Hyper-Gems Jewelry Set

Hair:  *booN QPT129 Hair Chocolate  

Skin:  the body co. Iris 04 Medium Black 

Make-up:  the body co. Iris Makeup Classic

Eyeliner:  *BOOM* Liquid Glaze Liner Gluttony Pack - Lashed Brown

Lashes:  the body co. False Lashes 

Eyes:  MADesigns Promise Eyes Brown Pale 11

Nails:  [MANDALA] Female Nail Palette 1 Medium  

Poses:  fri. Model Pose 15 + Striking Pose Screen Siren 2 - 9 Pose & Domination 9
Location:  Magnolioideae Palace Ballroom & Theatre on Anarchy Island

"Once upon a time there was a little girl, she lived with her father in the huge reign of a forgettable old King who had a son that was trying to find a bride that really loves him. Since the prince was in the appropriate age, the king started to celebrate the search of the future princess with a royal ball, where all the girls of the reign were invited. The girl, who lived in a little home working hard for the survive of the family,was always talking to her father how much she loved the prince and how much she wanted to be choose. But they were poor and she wasn't choose with her dress poorly made. The disappointment was so huge and she cried so much that she lost the way for come back home, her father was desperate and immediately started to search her, but without any luck....he didn't find her. Everyday more worried, the father, decided to go visit a wizard and he asked him to make his girl happy, no matter if this meant to lose her for her wish of become the bride of he prince. The magician did a spell and asked to Diana the goddess of the woods to find the girl and make her confident and free as the goddess. The goddess immediately found the girl and after took her by hand she make her walk through the forest and let the nature dress her, creating an incredible dress in the ivory tone of the early morning dew, with a decor of brocade made in the shades of the autumn leaves and little white flowers, on the decollete a soft band that lightly encircle the breast and finish in a soft flying bow. The girl was beautiful with the magic dress, then the goddess said to her "Now you can go to the prince, I assure you that he will choose you. Go to your true love." And the girl, confident and beautiful in her dress, without any hesitation went to her true love, taking the way for come back to her father."

Thank you Didier & Angelik for this stunning gown! <3

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